Friday, April 5, 2013


Introducing a new line of nail polishes called Spy Princess.
If you like glitter, these are the polishes for you
because a lot of there polishes are glittery.
Spy Princess sent me some polishes to swatch and try;
and let me tell you, they are actually good quality.
But, the smell of the polishes is kinda strong, but I just love the colors!
I actually made a gradient effect using the blue color, 
but somehow I accidentally deleted the picture =/ sowwie!
The polishes only needs 1 coat and it was about a week when I started to notice any chipping. 

[left] bluebird; coronation [right]

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sweets Review II

More sugar high reviews! 
Lushleys, all the way from England had sent me a bunch on chocolates and you know girls and chocolates.. ;) 
For all you chocolate lovers, beware! You're going to go insane after reading this.

"Hi and welcome to Lushleys.

We started our business after friends and family repeatedly asked us not to turn up without more of the Chocolates we had brought along with us.

Our chocolates are a quality product with high Cocoa content and are made with the finest ingredients.
We hope you enjoy these products as much as our friends and family have."

Now let me introduce you to the chocolates! 

Waffle Almond Clusters
+ Crunch bars texture
+ lovin the almonds
+ milk chocolate 
+ not too sweet, just right
+ very good if you like almonds (which i do!)
+ packed with almond bits in every bite

Corn Crunch
+ basically a sweet corn dipped in chocolate
+ coco puff cereal texture inside and a hard m&m coating outside
+ taste like sweet corn chips
+ even though they have different colors, they all taste the same
+ i recommend to try this if you like sweet corn chips :)

Mixed Strawberries
+ dried strawberries inside w/ white chocolate or milk chocolate coating
+ strawberry is sour
+ i prefer fresh chocolate covered strawberries compared to dried strawberries
+ chocolate is really good!!

Caramel Truffles
+ filling explodes with the first bite
+ caramel filling has a strong alcohol taste
+ caramel is thick
+ my first time trying chocolate with alcohol

Almond Clusters
+ resembles M&Ms but with almonds! 
+ very good!
+ 1 huge almond piece coated in milk chocolate
+ more of an almond taste than chocolate
+ good if you don't like too much sweets

Hazelnut Hearts
+ waffle texture
+ can't really taste the hazelnut
+ i think this is dark chocolate because it was kinda bitter
+ sure do like the waffle texture 
+ I was kinda sad, I wanted to taste more of the hazelnut 

They were also so kind to send me a random box of chocolates! 
It was so cute!